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Victoria Vynn Mousse Sculpture Gel Baby Pink No. 05 50 ml

Victoria Vynn Mousse Sculpture Gel Baby Pink No. 05 50 ml

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    A three-phase gel with thixotropy, i.e. "liquid memory", with a mousse consistency intended for nail architecture. Mousse Sculpture Gel Baby Pink 05 is a milky pink with 80% coverage.


    WHAT IS THixotropy? Thick consistency MOUSSE SCULPTURE GEL has the unusual property of changing viscosity under the influence of the energy supplied. When applied to the nail, the structure of the product thins slightly. This process is called thixotropy, or "liquid memory". Thanks to this, the gel is applied easily and evenly, allows it to be shaped and gently levels. Despite the change in consistency, it does not run off or flood the cuticles.

    MOUSSE SCULPTURE GEL is a product that works perfectly with a brush, you just need to give it a direction while working. After curing in a UV or LED lamp, it becomes ultra-strong, hard and resistant to damage, but remains easy to work with. Guarantees durability of the styling.


    The innovative MOUSSE SCULPTURE GEL formula with "liquid memory" was developed for quick and comfortable work. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced stylists.

    • changing consistency when working with a brush
    • fast and comfortable application
    • easy to develop
    • has a dispersion layer
    • does not flood the cuticles
    • curing time LED 48W 30-60s, UV 36W 120-180s
    • excellent grip